Salmon Pink


Extremely impressive flowerbox with one eternal rose, salmon pink. The rose is closed in a transparent box, which is additionally decorated with a small gold or silver mirror to choose from, with an engraved selected sentence.

Ready idea for women, It will be the most beautiful guardian of your memories. The perfect complement to many occasions:

– engagement

– wedding

– baby shower

– Holy Communion

– jubilee

– other occasions (Women’s Day, Grandma’s Day, Grandpa’s Day)


IMPORTANT: This little miracle of nature does not require watering. The Eternal Rose feels best in our box – the less it is touched, the longer it will stay perfectly fresh. The harsh rays of the sun can have a negative effect on the color of the petals, so it should not be kept in direct sunlight.

The ideal storage temperature is 18 – 22 degrees Celsius. You receive a 100% natural product from us – the rose is durable but natural. Our products are safe for allergy sufferers.

Product information:

The offer includes a flowerbox with one stabilized rose. It is a 100% natural rose which has undergone a stabilization process which takes place by evaporating plant juices and replacing them with a stabilizing solution. Its task is to delay the aging process. As a result, the rose remains invariably fresh for up to 2 years. It is a ready idea for an unusual gift, elegance in a simple form.

You can attach jewelry to the box and surprise your loved one with an unforgettable gift.

It is possible to make a personalized engraving on request. To place an order with personalization, select the “Personalization” option, and then contact us by e-mail after the purchase to arrange the details.

Box dimensions:

  • 8cmX8cmx8cm


  • Eternal rose
  • Box plexiglass

Usage Tips:

  • It should not be watered
  • Do not put in direct contact with sunlight


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Informacje dodatkowe

Kolor lustra

Złote, Srebrne

Wybierz sentencję

Brak, Enjoy little things, Love is the reason, More than words, My big love