STATISTICAL ANALYSES OF GREAT EARTHQUAKE RECURRENCE ALONG THE CASCADIA SUBDUCTION ZONE Ram Kulkarni1, Ivan Wong2, Judith Zachariasen2, … In this study we use new single-station methods to compile an ETS catalog for the entire Cascadia subduction zone, offshore western North America, and compare the patterns with a variety of along-strike trends for the subducting and overriding plates. great megathrust earthquakes; however, whether there is any com-munication between these two processes remains unknown. Subduction zone megathrust faults host Earth’s largest earthquakes, along with multitudes of smaller events that contribute to plate convergence. statistical analyses of great earthquake RECURRENCE ALONG THE CA SCADIA SUBDUCTION ZONE Ram Kulkarni 1 , Ivan W ong 2 , Judith Zachariasen 2 , Chris Goldfinger 3 , and Martin Lawrence 4 An understanding of the faulting behavior of megathrusts is central to seismic and tsunami hazard assessment around subduction zone margins.