From Flagship Studios, whose founders were involved with the creation of the award-winning Diablo series, comes the similarly loot-driven Hellgate: London, a futuristic third/first person action-RPG set in post-apocalyptic London. The demons that swept across the face of the earth when the gates of Hell opened are varied in size, shape, ability and power. Hellgate: London 2038 - Multiplayer Mod has moved to it's own site London 2038 - Hellgate Private Server Forum In the near future, the world falls prey to Demonic Invaders. Hellgate:London is a sci-fi/fantasy Action RPG developed and published by now-defunct Flagship Studios in 2007.

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Welcome to Hell on Earth! This cocky guardian of hell's gate drives away intruders and casts her foes down into hell.

Modern-day weaponry and tactics prove largely useless against the hordes. You can play as either a Sword-Wielding Templar, a Gun-Blazing Hunter, or a Magic-Casting Cabalist. Many members of the development team previously worked on the Diablo series and went on to form Runic Games, creators of Torchlight. 0 Cost: 66 0 Attack: 6600/ 10560 0 Defense: 6500/ 10400 0 Soldiers: 6600/ 11220 Hellgate Global is a game where Hell has taken over Earth and you are part of the Refugees in London's Underground. This Wikia site is dedicated to helping you survive Hell.

The careful observer will note that these abominations fall into one of four distinct categories, or castes (Primus, Spectral, Necro, Beast) and two distinct ranks (Lesser Demons, Greater Demons).. I've not used the mod, as multiplayer doesn't interest me. Hellgate: Revival - Single Player Though ModDB is a great site for many older games, the best place for Hellgate: London mods is elsewhere. Hellgate: London debuted in 2007 with an interesting setup that was brought low by half-baked execution.

From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki < Hellgate: London It went under a couple of years later, came …

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