It is the brightest star … However, the exact timing of the supernova is unknown. 15 Sekunden nach dem Start am 28. Approaching Antares, you would see the blue Antares B, and the red star's photosphere dominated by huge convective cells. Die US-Weltraumbehörde NASA hat neue Bilder der Explosion der Antares-Rakete samt des daran montierten Weltraumfrachters «Cygnus» veröffentlicht. Wann das soweit sein wird, weiß niemand genau. A new photo of the red "supergiant"Antares is the best ever captured of a star other than the sun, researchers said. Totalverlust: Eine Rakete des Typs Antares explodierte in der Nacht zum Mittwoch wenige Sekunden nach dem Start (Bild: Nasa-TV-Screenshot) Etwa zehn Sekunden nach dem Start am 28.10. um 23:22 MEZ (18:22 Ortszeit) ereignete sich offenbar eine Explosion in der ersten Stufe der Rakete. Solche massiven roten Überriesen wie Antares beenden ihr Leben in einer gewaltigen Explosion, genannt Supernova. Supernova explosions, and the winds of hot stars have churned up the gas and dust. Antares is a red supergiant star that is nearing the end of its life. The red supergiant Antares has a companion star, Antares B, that is thought will contribute to a Type 1a supernova event in the coming years. Evidence of these can be seen in interferometric images of Antares (and Betelgeuse) and in hydrodynamic simulations of the photosphere (Figure 3). Explosion beim Start: "Antares"-Rakete endet in Feuerball. Es könnte schon passiert sein, aber diese Lichtbotschaft braucht 600 Jahre zu uns und hätte uns noch nicht erreicht. Cygnus CRS Orb-3, also known as Orbital Sciences CRS Flight 3 or Orbital 3, was an attempted flight of Cygnus, an automated cargo spacecraft developed by United States-based company Orbital Sciences, on 28 October 2014.The mission was intended to launch at 6:22 PM that evening. NASA's Antares Explosion: What it Means An unmanned Orbital Sciences Corp.'s Antares rocket explodes shortly after takeoff at Wallops Flight Facility on Wallops Island, Va. on Oct. 28, 2014. Historically, each near-Earth supernova explosion has been associated with a global warming of around 3–4 °C (5–7 °F). Antares is a binary system, so you must be talking about Antares A. Antares A has a radius of 883 R☉. 10 Bilder Erst nach dem Zusammenbruch der Sowjetunion in den Neunzigerjahren wurden die Motoren auf dem Gelände wiederentdeckt. Antares is more than 880 times bigger than our Sun and thus the explosion is expected to be quite an event, but it is a great enough distance away from Earth to pose no threat. Antares, Alpha Scorpii (α Sco) is a red supergiant and supernova candidate located at a distance of 550 ly from Earth in the constellation Scorpius. A near-Earth supernova is an explosion resulting from the death of a star that occurs close enough to the Earth (roughly less than 10 to 300 parsecs (30 to 1000 light-years) away) to have noticeable effects on Earth's biosphere.. Both Betelgeuse and Antares are red supergiants, so when they go supernova they will both be extremely visible in the night sky, both being brighter than the full moon.

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